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At Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car Body Repairs Cambridgeshire we pride ourselves on the standard of our work. The level of a car stone chip or scratch repair we offer is second to none. During our many years repairing vehicles, we at Immaculate Repairs, have seen many botched repair jobs when it comes to stone chip or scratch repairs. Wether it’s a D.I.Y job gone wrong or a so called “professional” job the likely hood is any stone chip repair you’ve had done on your vehicles paintwork previously has been a sub standard one! Usually consisting of an oversized blob of paint applied to the damaged area.  A repair which is more than likely not weather proof, is unsightly and only a temporary solution.

So what sets Immaculate Repairs apart from the rest?

Here is an example of the traditional stone chip repair on offer for your vehicle –

The traditional touch up

Here is the stone chip repair Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car body Repairs offer you-

A flush colour matched touch in carried out by Immaculate Repairs

We offer our customers a totally flush colour matched stone chip repair that is weather proof so it won’t rust in future, it’s aesthetically pleasing, permanent and cost effective. At Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs Cambridgeshire our flush repairs are not just for chips, we can vastly improve the look of scratches on your vehicle if not remove them completely using our stone chip repair system without the need of respraying the scratches.

For us to be able to carry out any mobile stone chip or mobile scratch repair we first have to take a paint depth reading of your vehicles paintwork, should the paint measure deep enough we can carry out our repair.

The following is a step by step gallery of paint chip damage caused by the lance of a jet wash at one of the Mercedes dealerships we care for.

Once we identify the damaged area we use an abrasive pad to key up the area to clean out any rust or loose paint edges, also ensuring that the paint and clear glaze adhere strongly.

The damage has been keyed up

The next step is to apply the base coat colour to blend in with existing paintwork and fill out the chip with the clear glaze until level with surrounding area.

Base coat colour has been applied followed by a clear protective glaze

We now have to bring the repair level, we do this by wet sanding the repaired area with a fine grade sand paper.

Repair has been flattened down with wet and dry sand paper

Finally we have to bring that show room shine back. This is done carrying out a three stage polish and finished off with a protective wax. These mobile car repairs were carried out in Peterborough and were completed with in one hour.

The finished result of a flush chip repair by Immaculate Repairs

Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car Body Repairs Cambridgeshire carry out all aspects of car body repairs including Alloy Wheel Repairs, Bumper Scuffs, Scratches, Dents, Interior Repairs, Detailing and many more please take a look at our services to see the full range of car body repairs we offer in Peterborough, Stamford, Kings Lynn, Ely, Cambridge, Wisbech, Kettering and all surrounding towns and villages. Please contact us for your free estimate today!

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