Mobile Alloy wheel Repair|Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Peterborough

Immaculate Repairs carry out Mobile Alloy wheel refurbishment in Peterborough, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Ely, Stamford and all surrounding towns and villages. Having an unsightly damaged alloy can ruin the whole image of your car, so why not call Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs today and start the process of bringing your alloys back to their former glory! We carry out alloy wheel repairs on all makes and model of vehicles. No matter the colour or design Immaculate Repairs will have your alloy wheels looking like they have just rolled off the production line.

We begin the process of the alloy wheel refurbishment by removing the alloy or alloys from your vehicle. The bead is then broken enabling us access to repair round the entire lip of the alloy. By doing this it allows us to repair the alloy to the highest standard of quality. Using this method leaves your wheel/wheels completely balanced as they were when your tyres were fitted.


Damaged alloy on Jeep

We remove the damage by sanding down the alloy evenly, the entire way round the rim. Extensive damage may need filling with special alloy wheel filler. Once all the damage has been removed the alloy is the masked up and primer is applied. After the primer has cured it is then flatted down creating a perfectly smooth surface for the paint to be applied to the alloy.

The paint is then strained into the spray gun and sprayed professionally onto the alloy wheel. Once the alloy wheel is totally covered in the colour of your choice, a top quality scratch resistant lacquer is then applied to give you a high gloss shine. The alloy wheels are then put in to bake before they are fitted back to your vehicle enabling you to use your car immediately once Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car Body Repairs has finished.


Repaired and painted Jeep alloy

All of these repairs are carried out at your home or place of work and are all completed within a day, unlike traditional bodyshops that have your car for up to 3 days. Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car Body Repairs Cambridgeshire prides itself on carrying out repairs to the highest quality.

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