Kings Lynn Mercedes Car Body Repair|Scratch and Dent Repair Kings Lynn

Immaculate Repairs carried out scratch and dent repairs in Kings Lynn on a Mercedes ML. Below is a step by step process of how we at Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs in Kings Lynn completed the repair process and paintwork to bring the Mercedes back to showroom condition.

Mobile car body repair in Kings Lynn, that are carried out by Immaculate Repairs are always finished to the highest standard, there is no cutting corners! whether it be a key scratch, dent repair, interior repairs or Alloy wheel repair in Kings Lynn Immaculate Repairs are here to help. Please see the services page on our website for the full list of services that we undertake. This includes car detailing and stone chip repairs across Kings Lynn.

On arrival in Kings Lynn Immaculate Repairs were presented by a Mercedes ML that had dent damage on the rear quarter and scuffing on the rear bumper corner.

Damage on rear 1/4 mercedes Rear bumper damage rear bumper damage 2

Once all the damaged had been identified masking paper was applied to keep the customers car as clean as possible throughout the process of the repair. We then sanded down the damaged area removing the damage.

Rear bumper has been sanded down to remove damage dented damage on rear 1/4 dented damage on rear 1/4 2

Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs in Kings Lynn, then repaired the dent damage in the rear quarter before applying filler primer over all the repaired areas.

rubbed down primer on rear bumper damage with primer rubbed down on rear wing ready for car masking

The Filler primer is then rubbed down using wet and dry sand paper to leave the smoothest of finishes to apply the silver base coat over. The Mercedes ML in Kings Lynn is then masked up ready to all be resprayed.

car masked up ready for paint car masked up ready for paint 2

After the paint application has been carried out the paintwork is left to bake off. Once the curing process is complete the paintwork if flatted down with wet and dry sand paper again to remove any foreign objects that have landed in the fresh paintwork in Kings Lynn. The panels are then machine polished to leave a high gloss, glass finish. Please see the completed job below.

curing process curing process 2 completed job completed job 2 completed job 3 completed job 4

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