Paintless Dent Removal - PDR Car Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Removal, also known as PDR, is the process of removing cosmetic dents and dings from the panels of your car. This method is popular as there is no need to use filler or paint, which makes it an eco-friendly way to fix damage to your car.

Why PDR Car Dent Repair?

PDR is the preferred method of dent removal when damage has not been sustained to the paintwork of a vehicle. To ensure a motor is restored to its former glory, we, the skilled technicians at Immaculate Repair, use specially designed tools to push and pull dents from damaged panels without affecting your vehicles paintwork.

As a cost effective method of dent repair, our customers often find PDR costs less than paying their insurance excess and definitely less that the premium increase at renewal time following an insurance claim. And of course, PDR is convenient – our mobile paintless dent removal service in Cambridgeshire comes out to repair your vehicle at a time and place agreed by you.

So, if your car has sustained cosmetic damage and you are looking for a convenient, efficient, environmentally friendly, affordable dent removal method, give us a call at Immaculate Repair on 07860 349595 or complete our contact form.

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