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Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs carried out repairs to this Mercedes ML 350 in Kings Lynn. This is just a little insight into some of the work we carry out here at Immaculate Repairs. The customer had various bits of damage round the car. There was a bumper scuff on the front corner, a key scratch on the front wing adjoining the bumper, the rear bumper had more severe damage including scratches, a split and a hole in the side of the bumper and last but not least the plastic textured lower bumper had also been damaged. All of these mobile car repairs were carried out at the customers place of work in Kings Lynn allowing him to carry on with his day while we repaired his car.

Here are some pictures from the Mercedes before the mobile car body repairs Kings Lynn where undertaken –

ML350 4 ML350 3 ML 350 1 ML 350 2 ML350 5

Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs carry out car body repairs all over Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. Please visit our services page to see the full extend of the work we undertake. Our first process in the repairs to this Mercedes was to identify all the damage in the areas the customer wanted repaired. Immaculate Repairs use top of the range tools and products to carry out all of our SMART Repairs, we started by sanding down the damage to enable us to plastic weld the hole in the bumper back together before using car body filler to make the panel perfectly smooth. Once all the repairs were finished we applied a high build primer to remove any “prep” marks and any imperfections before applying the paint. Below are Photos of the repair process –

ML350 6 ML350 6 ML350 8 ML350 9 ML350 10 ML350 11 ML350 12

Once all the preparation was completed the Mercedes was masked up with sheeting to avoid any overspray. We then made the colour on our onboard colour scheme. all our colours are made with top of the range colour schemes and are made onsite at the customers choice of location. All of these mobile car body repairs Kings Lynn were completed in one day and at no hassle to the customer. These are the photos of the finished job needless to say the customer was over the moon.

ML350 13 ML350 14 ML350 21 ML350 15 ML350 16 ML350 22 ML350 14 ML350 17 ML350 18 ML350 19 ML350 20

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