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This week Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car Body Repairs carried out car body repairs in Peterborough on a BMW 1 Series along with TDN Automotive. The BMW 1 Series arrived with a medium sized, sharp dent in the right front corner of the roof. This was a very tricky dent as the paint in the centre on the chip had started to peel and unfortunatly for the customer the damage was very visible. Immaculate Repairs Mobile Car Body Repairs Peterborough were called by TDN Automotive to help out with the repairs to the BMW. Below are pictures and a written description of the process used to bring the BMW 1 Series back to showroom condition.


BMW 1 Series dent and peeling paint on arrival

On arrival TDN were presented with a sharp dent on the roof of a BMW 1 Series, the paint was starting to lift in the centre of the dent which made the repair more complex.


BMW 1 Series dent has been lifted leaving the peeling paint

The dent has been lifted by TDN Automotive leaving the panel perfectly smooth making it easier to see in detail how much the paint is starting to flake.


BMW 1 Series Flaking paint has been removed

This is where Immaculate Repairs steps in, using our advanced chip and scratch solutions we begin the process of repairing the large chip by picking out and removing all the flaking paint from the damaged area.


BMW 1 Series Preparation to lay in paint

Here we carry on our mobile car body repair in peterborough by keying up the surface for the touch up colour to be applied.


BMW 1 Series colour has been played into the damaged area

We made the colour for the BMW 1 Series with our onboard colour scheme, We then inserted the colour into the chip. Above you can see the first coat has been applied, this was followed by a second coat to build the chip up slightly.


BMW 1 Series glazed has been applied to the chip

Immaculate Repairs then applied a special weather resistant glaze to bring the chip level with the rest of the panel. The glaze is then shaved down with a sharp blade to remove any excess product in and around the damage.


BMW 1 Series wet flatted down ready for polish

The repair is now wet sanded with 2000 grit paper to bring the chip perfectly flush with the surrounding panel and remove any imperfections.


BMW 1 Series completed with the dent removed and chip repaired

Finally we carried out a machine polish over the roof to bring back the showroom shine to the panel.

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