Jaguar Stone Chip Repairs|Car Body Repairs Cambridge
21st January 2016
BMW 1 Series Rear 1/4 and Bumper|Car Paint Repairs Peterborough
31st January 2016
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Audi A5 Paintwork|Car Scratch Repairs Wisbech


Here we carried out paint work repairs for a customer in Wisbech on his Audi A5, unfortunately he had scraped his rear wing on his gate post. He contact us after getting numerous bodyshop quotes for well over £500 and wanting his car for a week. We carried the paint work repairs out on the customers driveway and for a fraction of the price in little over 4 hours.

Take a look at the photos below for the stages we go through to get the perfect finish. The customer was amazed with the result as well as being able to go out in the afternoon.


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