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Immaculate Repairs mobile car body repairs Peterborough are pleased to announce our new van that is being set up to specialise in alloy wheel repairs in Peterborough.

Immaculate Repairs is one of the leading companies carrying out Alloy wheel refurbishment in Peterborough. Our new van specialises in alloy wheel repairs as well as also carrying the equipment to carry out all the other types of mobile car body repairs.

Immaculate Repairs carry out alloy wheel repairs in peterborough.

Audi Q7 kerbing on Alloy Audi Q7 Alloy refurbed
The alloy wheel repair van that we have set up includes paint extraction systems, alloy wheel curing booths and a fully functional tyre machine. Being able to carry out alloy wheel repairs in Peterborough inside our new Immaculate Repairs specialist van means your alloys won’t just be being repaired by highly skilled professional technicians, they will be repaired using top of the range products and state of the art equipment.

Immaculate Repairs mobile alloy wheel repair Peterborough carry out all different kinds of alloy wheel repairs including kerbing, flaking paint and unsightly corrosion and scuffing. We also specialise in colour changing of alloy wheels, whether it be a straight forward silver to black or a more unique custom alloy colour choice. Immaculate Repairs Alloy wheel repairs Peterborough are here to help!
Damaged alloy on Jeep Repaired and painted Jeep alloy
Many people think certain alloy wheel damage can’t be repaired, this is not the case. At Immaculate Repairs we thrive on carrying out large and complicated repairs as well as your everyday alloy wheel repairs. Once we have finished your alloy wheel refurbishment your alloys will look brand new once again, looking as if they have just rolled off the production line. So don’t go wasting money buying a new set of alloy wheels why not have your existing wheels repaired for a fraction of the price of purchasing a new set!

If your interested in having Immaculate Repairs carry out alloy wheel repairs at your home or place of work please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

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